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Thursday, July 9, 2009

DOMTab with seamless navigation and automatic rotation of sections

I know my regular readers have been waiting for my new posts. I thank them for their patience and want to share that I'll now be posting regularly about my findings at my work and experiences otherwise.

This post shares how I developed an advanced version of the popular open source DOMTab (JavaScript to create tabbed structure in your application). DOMTab is a wonderful piece of code to painlessly create Firefox like tabs for your web application. Our application required the tabs to be seamless such that when we click "next" on last tab, it takes us to the first tab. Moreover, the tabs should automatically change to next one after 5 secs.

The changes and additions I made to original DOMTab.js were not many or difficult to do (credited to original author for the clean code) but I felt it would be worth sharing with you all so that others who need this functionality don't need to re-invent the wheel.

Download the JavaScript file here (Add .js to it after downloading)

This javascript is provided as-is and under no circumstance I can be held responsible for any problems that occur because of using it. For more details refer to original author's note

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weirdo | Advani featured on Pak Tribune's website

Strange things happen sometimes, esp. with Google ads when the adsense engine picks up and shows advt on a website which was not at all meant to be there. I have seen many such incidences but this one is one of the coolest ones...

It shows and advertisement of L.K. Advani (a leader of an Indian party) on the home page of Pakistan's leading newspapers website - Pak Tribune. What's more interesting is the fact that the article on the homepage talks about the evils of the same party (BJP) to which Advani belongs. So, Google Adsense Ad picking engine just picked up the words India, BJP etc.. and popped up the ad right on the header of the website.. Funny isn' it? :D

If you missed another weird thing by Google (Chrome, the Browser!) then check it out here..