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Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Ciao" : Indian Surveys which really pay

Would you like to have curd in an earthen pot (kullarh) in the next spice-jet flight exactly like the way you have it in an Indian Railways journey? Or may be you want to tell Apple that their latest product MacBook Air is too much overpriced? Go ahead, say what you feel. This is the place where your opinion will get counted and paid too!!

Ciao India is a platform specially developed for the Indian subcontinent where research companies from India and abroad pay money to get views of Indian people.

I'm a member of Ciao since not very long and earned about Rs. 500 so far. Not a really big amount but the thing I like is that its the only survey i know which really pays so i felt its good to share with friends where one can earn rewards up to Rs. 200 per survey!

So what's the harm in joining? Click here to join. And don't forget to complete your profile which helps Ciao to send you most suitable surveys.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NASA's mobile network on the moon..!

Well, if you think that the only place you can escape pesky calls from telemarketers is the Moon, forget it :P as NASA in collaboration with BNSC (British National Space Centre) is going to build mobile network on the moon by 2020. Sounds cool na! This is going act as a communication channel for the astronauts and robots at the lunar colony near the south pole of the moon and the scientists on earth. So come down, neither you are going to moon nor anybody is going to call you there.. hehe.

This joint mission is called MoonLite Mission and the trial mobile network is expected to launch by 2010 with a protype version within next 2 years to count on its feasibility. I know telemarketers won't leave them too. Bank loans, credit cards, insurance, mobile packages and blah blah blah all specially tuned for astronauts.. lol..

Monday, February 4, 2008

Google's Urchin: Analyze website traffic, easily!

Urchin 5 by Google analyzes website traffic and creates precise and self-explanatory reports on site visitors – who reffered them to your site, what they searched for in your site, what makes them signup or buy things, and lots more. If a firewall or internal system prevents you from using Google Analytics, Urchin 5 comes to help.

Its available in various languages and offers loads of attractive features for all types of users ranging for amateurs to professionals. Moreover, it is lightening fast to implement, helps you compare keywords, lets you customize dashboards, integrates with adwords, supports email reports and helps to target visitors from most-paying geographies!

Download Urchin