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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cut the cables: Wireless USB is in....!

Forget cables; the way you'll connect devices to your PC will be wireless. That's according to new research from In-Stat which predicts that Wireless USB will become the way to connect kit to your PC by 2008.

The wireless variant works in exactly the same way as cabled USB, but uses a short wave radio technology. And it's about to explode.

Some devices already exist, but hubs and other connection kit will be available commercially later in the year. In-Stat reckons there's plenty of potential in the market. Over two billion wired USB devices shipped last year, and it expects Wireless USB to grow by over 10 per cent annually.

Wireless USB is based on the ultrawideband (UWB) technology which supports the same 480 Mbps data rate over a distance of two meters (about 6.6 feet). If the speed is lowered to 110 Mbps, UWB will go a longer distance (up to 10 meters or about 30 feet). UWB started in 1960 as military application capable of transferring data up to 480 Mbps over a distance of 20 meters. For home or office environments, this technology would be very practical.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Monster launches video resume...

Monster India, has introduced feature that allows job seekers to upload their video resumes in the same way as text resumes. This feature hopes to allow job seekers to personally market themselves by presenting a resume and a video that speaks directly to employers.

"The new feature allows job seekers to speak directly to potential employers," said Vikas Agarwal, VP- Product and Technology, India, "and increase their chances of finding their dream job."

Seeing the candidate's presentation skills online, will help speed up the recruitment process and reduce the costs on preliminary rounds of interviewing. The Video Resumes will allow recruiters to do a preliminary screening of the candidates without getting involved in the onerous processes of interviews and practically evaluate how they present their experience and skills.

Recruiters will be able to search for video resumes in the same way as text resumes and also receive the video resumes as job applications.

So are you ready with your Video Resume..?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Convergence arriving soon: Two-in-one mobile phones!

Bharti Airtel will introduce Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) service by the end of the year.

The launch will lower phone bills and enable customers to use a single phone with a common number for mobile and fixed-line calls.

A customer needs a dual-mode phone,worth Rs 10,000, that is compatible with GSM networks and also Wi-Fi enabled plus broadband connectivity through a fixed line at the office or home.

When the user is on the move, the phone connects through the GSM network. Once at home or at the office, the phone works through the fixed-line backbone.

This translates into significant savings since fixed-line local call rates are half the cost of a mobile call. Also, industry experts say that nearly 40 per cent of the calls made on a mobile phone are undertaken within the office.

Seems interesting... so lets wait n watch wen we wil b holding it in our hands... :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Processing becomes more affordable. This July!

For all peeps who were waiting for Intel to do something like this, this news comes as a breather.. and for all those who are planning to upgrade, here's a suggestion.. halt & wait.

Intel plans to slash the price of Core 2 Quad chips by 50% on July 22 and Core 2 Duo chips by 24 % - 32 % on Sept. 2

"Intel plans to slash the prices of its Core 2 Quad processor by 50 percent on July 22, according to an Intel document given to clients. The chips, introduced in November to run servers and the most expensive personal computers, sell for $530 each, according to Santa Clara, California-based Intel's Web site.

The move puts pressure on Advanced Micro to follow suit as the company prepares to introduce its own quad-core processors, called Barcelona and Phenom, in the second half. Last year, a price war led to a 42 percent decline in annual profit at Intel and a $166 million loss at Advanced Micro."

well.. July might not be the destination for many because even after 50% fall, the Quad still mite not b quite affordable; for them, September will bring the real treat!

Come soon.. m waiting..

Friday, June 8, 2007

Least Effort Online Earning System

How wud u feel wen u r being paid for reading your own mails, like you do everyday; surfing websites of your own interest, just like you have been doing; in a nutshell u dont need to do anything new while being online... just install the Viewbar Software from Agloco, Install it & you are ready to own the internet, as they say!

Sign up, use the web as usual and earn cash and shares - it really is that simple. Once you install the Viewbar™ software by Agloco it automatically records the time you're actively online, and they pay you for it. But the first step is to sign up and become a member. It's fast and it's free.

UPDATE: Viewbar, which was under development is now ready to be downloaded, ppl hv started earning.. wat r u waiting for..? JOIN NOW!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Youtube Player: yes this news is 'Real' ;)

RealPlayer used to be cool, until iTunes and Windows Media Player made it obsolete. But the new RealPlayer is set to turn the tables: It can rip net videos, even those on YouTube and from video streams, with a single click.

So many sites use Flash players as their sole download deterrent, or video streams that can't be saved as more than a bookmark otherwise. The UI on the player pops up over a Flash or movie stream window, allowing you to click to download. What's cool is that it preserves meta-data, like name, rating, description, and where you got it from. Sharing videos with friends at that point sends the source URL instead of the actual video file. Right now, it can't transcode, but it will burn DVDs if you pay for the registered version. Thankfully, the freeware still rips.

A beta of the new RealPlayer is available for you all peeps via a free download from njoy ripping ;)

(and keep writing ur valuable comments)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

160 by 2 : Send SMS for FREE all over INDIA

well, another post dedicated to "short message service".. rather "shorter message service".. strictly speakin as i call it "half message service".. ;)

160by2 is the 'Next Step' in mobile marketing wherein the users themselves opt-in to carry advertisements in their personal SMS. Out of the 160 characters available for SMS, users can send Free SMS of upto 80 characters and advertisers can append a contextual ad in the remaining 80 characters.

nothing new? listen buddy..there r a hell lot of ad-supported SMS services.. but wat i like abt this one is... this is a NO-NONSENSE service... simplest to join!

im using it from past 2 weeks... & i luv it... its grt esp 4 ppl who r online most of time.. and want to save time (coz typing with keyboard is easier than typyin on phone's keypad) and of course it saves ur balance..

so wenever u r online u can reply to a frnd (who just dropped a message on ur phone) frm ur desktop.. thats wat i do...

there's a limitation.. no phonebuk. but once u use it.. u wil fall in love with this service... like me.. coz its really fast n simple.. so chek out..

p.s. i must clear it is not a referral program.. so its not dat u r doing me a favor by joining it... rather i'm doing u a favor by tellin this to u.. hihi.. so u can thank me by writin a comment..

UPDATE: The CEO of this service visited my blog and saw my suggestion about the phone book.. He was glad to know that i'm a frequent user of this service and considered the suggestion. (read the comment by satya) In a week, the phone book feature was implemented. i wud like to thank the CEO of smscountry, Satya Kalyan for considering the feedback and acting upon it so proactively!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

S.M.S. redefined...!

Wat can be a better start for my blog. I dedicate the first technology post to my Sikh community... This great service started by GupShup SMS allows to send bulk sms to as many ppl as u like in the cost of a single message...

its like makin a CUG: Closed User Group.. the one who starts the group can send sms to all members (who can join and leave at their will anytime).. moreover the numbers are confidential... so no fear of spamming... and anytime any member of the group can contact the group admin (d group starter) by replying to the message...

So, to start with i made this group for my dear frnds.. the name of Group is Sikhi []

Now anybody in India can get Hukamnama from Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar with short meaning on their cell phone and lots more like Gurbani Quotes, latest updates etc... its very simple.. just go to above link...add ur number... below the "Join Group"..type the security code.... n u r done..!

this is wat i call SMS redefined...
yeah enjoy this..
wil get back soon with more stuff...

p.s. dont dare to close this window without writing comments.... :)

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Kickoff..

Well.. my first post in mah first blog... of course excited abt it.. but lyk always m so busy in things.. so gonna k.i.s.s. ( i mean keep it short n simple..)...

This blog is going 2 b a showcase of the things i think abt.. i feel abt... n wanna share.. it mite b a late entry in the world of bloggerism* but i assure it wont take me much time to shake shoulders with the big-wigs.. (yeah.. sounds gud na.. i wil show it..)

ne ways... as m always in a hurry... so i wrap the intro here...

c ya in next post..

* i dunno this term has been coined already or not.. if not then u can post comments to compliment me... lolz