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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Processing becomes more affordable. This July!

For all peeps who were waiting for Intel to do something like this, this news comes as a breather.. and for all those who are planning to upgrade, here's a suggestion.. halt & wait.

Intel plans to slash the price of Core 2 Quad chips by 50% on July 22 and Core 2 Duo chips by 24 % - 32 % on Sept. 2

"Intel plans to slash the prices of its Core 2 Quad processor by 50 percent on July 22, according to an Intel document given to clients. The chips, introduced in November to run servers and the most expensive personal computers, sell for $530 each, according to Santa Clara, California-based Intel's Web site.

The move puts pressure on Advanced Micro to follow suit as the company prepares to introduce its own quad-core processors, called Barcelona and Phenom, in the second half. Last year, a price war led to a 42 percent decline in annual profit at Intel and a $166 million loss at Advanced Micro."

well.. July might not be the destination for many because even after 50% fall, the Quad still mite not b quite affordable; for them, September will bring the real treat!

Come soon.. m waiting..

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