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Friday, June 22, 2007

Monster launches video resume...

Monster India, has introduced feature that allows job seekers to upload their video resumes in the same way as text resumes. This feature hopes to allow job seekers to personally market themselves by presenting a resume and a video that speaks directly to employers.

"The new feature allows job seekers to speak directly to potential employers," said Vikas Agarwal, VP- Product and Technology, India, "and increase their chances of finding their dream job."

Seeing the candidate's presentation skills online, will help speed up the recruitment process and reduce the costs on preliminary rounds of interviewing. The Video Resumes will allow recruiters to do a preliminary screening of the candidates without getting involved in the onerous processes of interviews and practically evaluate how they present their experience and skills.

Recruiters will be able to search for video resumes in the same way as text resumes and also receive the video resumes as job applications.

So are you ready with your Video Resume..?


Gagan said...

hey nice info, I dint knew that....the job market is really hotting up theze days...with these kinda things they r gonna get even more hotter.

LoVe iS LiViNg said...

Ya, i do know that
i have read abt this info many days before
in Times of international news
there , it is almost the trdition of sendg video resumes thro etc like video sites
by the way, thanks abt

Adhysteria said...


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