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Monday, February 4, 2008

Google's Urchin: Analyze website traffic, easily!

Urchin 5 by Google analyzes website traffic and creates precise and self-explanatory reports on site visitors – who reffered them to your site, what they searched for in your site, what makes them signup or buy things, and lots more. If a firewall or internal system prevents you from using Google Analytics, Urchin 5 comes to help.

Its available in various languages and offers loads of attractive features for all types of users ranging for amateurs to professionals. Moreover, it is lightening fast to implement, helps you compare keywords, lets you customize dashboards, integrates with adwords, supports email reports and helps to target visitors from most-paying geographies!

Download Urchin


Gurpreet Singh Modi said...

hey, urchin was something that was popular pre-analytics days, ie, before the online version of google analytics was launched. now-a-days its use is only limited to large organizations which need to have stats on their local servers.

taranjs said...

absolutely right.. but that was the initial version of urchin u r talking abt.. wat i posted abt is the 5.0 version.. 6.0 is also coming but thats for prof. use only

taranjs said...

and urchin is much more customizable than analytics.. chek out at the link given in the end..