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Friday, January 11, 2008

Tata's New Car | Get ready for traffic congestion ;)

Nano! Its now synonym for the world's cheapest car. It beats the Maruti 800 in the compactness of the size and also shakes hip with the most jazzy of the cars. And security wise - no compromise. More environment friendly! What else you need?

Expected to come in second half of this year, it seems to promise best value for money. And when money is the matter, everybody listens. So, if its really a rock star, you can expect a lot more traffic on roads :) hehe..

You can check it out at the 9th Auto-Expo going on in Delhi!


Angad Deep singh said...

Hi ,

I believe its time to get really learn real meaning of "environment friendly" after every car launch i hear this particular phase "environment friendly" but this has always rose a question in my mind is it really what it means?
Bcoz if it would have meant "environment friendly" then we wont have been on the the verge of getting extinct. NASA says Mumbai will drown by 2012 and now here what we see another car coming which will definitely add to already worse situation.
I think more than this car what India needs is a Private public participation in order to improve Public Transportation system.
Here is my Call to MR. Ratan Tata you took creating Rs.1 lakh car as a challenge now i challenge you to bring up something similar in Public Transportation system.

taranjs said...

i like your thot process.. keep it up!