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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MTNL gearing up for a revolution: PC for Rs. 4,500

If you happen to be a Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) customer in Mumbai or Delhi, you will soon be able to get a PC for as low as Rs. 4,500. This PC, is being offered by MTNL in partnership with Chennai-based Novatium and comes with an internet connection for a small monthly fee.

This computer, called netPC by Novatium, is a no frills device, this means, most of the common hardware that you find on any normal PC is absent here. But wait, don't underestimate it. Read on..

The terminals will be connected to a centralized server in the locality by MTNL and provide it with the internet service. The PC which looks and functions like any other desktop does not have a regular CPU or any storage devices. All applications, including the storage of data of all customers are done by the centralized server in the locality.
With regard to browsing the internet, common problems like the viruses, installation of different security software does not occur since connectivity to the World Wide Web is remotely managed by Novatium. And instead of just the internet broadband to your home, one can ask for a complete desktop with inbuilt internet access, educational packages, online games, chat, webcam, productivity suites and much more only served on the Nova netPC.
The netPC's advantage is that its customers do not have to face the challenges associated with a regular PC. The unique selling proposition for this model is the low cost of ownership, low maintenance and only server end system upgrades.

Customers have the choice of using either Windows or Linux operating systems. Since the entire concept is routed through a centralized server, customers are saved the hassles of hardware and software costs as well as upgrades as these tasks are carried out centrally.

High cost of owning a full fledged PC is one of the biggest bottlenecks for the uptake of broadband services in the country. The MTNL-Novatium partnership is expected to bring down the upfront investment for the consumer taking a broadband connection considerably.

So, let's wait and watch..!


Gurpreet said...

its a good initiative to increase inet penetration in the city... lets see how they market it...

taranjs said...

yeah...! me too waitin 4 their first public advertisement.. eager to see their selling strategy..


its nice...revolution coming in India in a big way!!

parag said...

wht if central server breaks down?
many clients linked to it will get affected. dont u think reliability is getting a serious hit here?