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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mozilla's Mobile Browser..!

Mozilla has indicated that it is working on a version of Firefox that will be designed for mobile phones and will make its maiden appearance very soon.

The new mobile browser will operate much like the desktop version and will include support for XUL and extensions. Mozilla is also looking into making the browser portable i.e. where a user could easily port preferences, bookmarks, and so forth between the mobile and the desktop.

Apart from the browser, Mozilla also offers Joey, a project in development that lets users clip and save text, photos, videos and other content while using a PC and then access that content through a browser on a cell phone.

Mozilla is also involved in developing an open-source Linux-based platform for devices that are bigger than a cell phone but smaller than a laptop. Mozilla is developing a browser for the platform and has already built one for a similar device, the N800, from Nokia.

So, let's cross our fingers to see how this "Fox " will "fire-up" the mobile phones.. ;)

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firefox is really spreading itself fast. and i personally believe its better than explorer. it will be nice to see mozilla coming up in phone industry too.